Environmental Policy



Environmental Policy


Carousel recognises that it has a responsibility to the environment above and beyond regulatory requirements. Action on all parts of this policy will be the responsibility of all staff. Each year a different member of staff will be appointed to oversee the implementation of the policy on a rotating basis. Issues to be worked on include:


Packaging Material

a) We will recycle 100% of useable packaging materials from deliveries made to us.

b) We will purchase packaging materials made from recycled materials wherever possible.

b) We will collect back useable packaging materials where practical from customers (currently local customers only).

c) We will seek to minimise the amount of packaging used, whilst still allowing for the risks of damage in transit.


Ink Cartridges

a) We will use (Tonik) recycled ink and toner cartridges on all printers where a recycled option exists.

b) We will collect in empty ink and toner cartridges from customers, supplying Freepost bags for empty ink cartridges where they can be reused and accepting in Toner cartridges at Inchbrook warehouse.



a) We will minimise the use of paper in the office wherever possible.

b) We will seek to buy recycled and recyclable paper products. 

d) Waste paper will be collected for recycling.



Water and Energy

 a) We will reduce the amount of energy we use as much as possible. Lights, computers, copiers etc will be switched off when not in use, and heating adjusted with energy consumption in mind. The energy consumption of new products will be taken into account when making purchasing decisions.


Office Supplies

a) We will reduce the amount of office supplies that we need.

b) We will seek to buy more environmentally friendly products.

c) We will re-use everything we can - files, folders etc.


Maintenance and Cleaning

a) Cleaning materials used will be as environmentally friendly as possible.

b) Materials used in office repair and refurbishment will be as environmentally friendly as possible.



Under the Waste Battery Regulations, Tonik is now offering to take back all waste batteries (at zero credit). Used batteries can be returned in person to our warehouse at Unit S-1 Woodchester GL5 5EY.  Please do not post used batteries. If this is not feasible you can find your local waste portable battery recycling facility at www.recyclenow.com. Most supermarkets and shops selling batteries now have collection bins for used batteries. Some town halls, libraries and schools have also set up collection points.


Transport and Getting to Work

a) We will promote the use of environmentally friendly forms of transport by our staff, volunteers and clients.

b) We will make additional efforts to accommodate the needs of those using public transport or bicycles.

c) By offering free delivery for larger orders we will discourage frequent small purchasing by customers creating unnecessary journeys.


Monitoring and Improvement

a) Monitoring environmental performance will be part of our yearly statistics.

b) We will monitor our energy consumption for improved environmental performance.


c) We will monitor our use of paper and other office supplies to ensure a steady reduction in consumption.



a) We will educate and involve staff in the implementation of this policy,  aiming for greater commitment and improved environmental performance.


If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our Environmental Policy, please contact us! We will be happy to hear from you!