Find My Printer

How do you find out what  ink or toner cartridge fits your printer?

Simple: click link below.  It will display a list of printer(s) connected to your PC*. Then you need to select a printer on the list and you will see straightaway what cartridges it needs.  After that, just select exactly what you need.  

  • Very easy and dead quick.  You will have piece of mind that you are ordering  the right cartridges every time!
  • This feature will also include your network printers.
  • The Price Promise from Carousel still applies on every cartridge

       *You must have the latest version of Java installed on your machine  and Active X controls must be enabled.                                                         


1.0 The tool only looks at the printers defined on your machine. We have a very strict privacy policy and always respects our customers' data.

2.0 Ensure that you have the latest version of Java running and be on the lookout for any warnings that may appear on your screen, asking if you want to run Active X (this is essential for the tool to work)

3.0 PLease contact us immediately if you have any difficulties with this tool after checking that Java has been installed and that Active X is running, please contact us. We would in any case  welcome your views on this latest  development from Carousel.